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Art student with a passion for cats. I draw things.

The fandoms I mostly blog are Tactics Ogre, Final Fantasy (especially IX, XII and Tactics) and Bravely Default.

My sweet lovebird is Bluebudgie.

I started a playthrough of FFVIII some months ago but had to put it on hold because my PSP charger broke.

Well after two months I finally replaced my charger! Here are a few digital pieces to celebrate… and because I had some catching up to do for Inktober.


Imagine Person A of your OTP is betrothed to someone they love above all else. Person B wants Person A for themselves and is ferociously jealous of their lover. Person B has them accused and executed for crimes they did not commit to tarnish Person A’s vision of them and get rid of them for good. Person A is left devastated and Person B comforts them, taking advantage of Person A’s state of mind.

Another Inktober doodle!


so ya’ll remember how like i was all like i’m never doing ff9 fanart bc it doesn’t interest me

might have gotten sick this week and, looking for something to do, gave it a chance for the like, 23rd time

might’ve stuck the 23rd time

might be currently figuring out how to draw the whole cast to do more art :“““)

Don’t pity the dead Harry, pity those who went Neutral route first.

This is my favourite of the old promotional artworks for this game. Look at Catiua helping Lanselot out with his armor!


—- And so began the story of the wanderer,
the vagrant.

discussing sad headcanons like

Goretober: Torture.


me @ drama i’m not involved in


I learnt goretober was a thing yesterday and looked through the list, I know this is not day 1 anymore but I’ll cheat and draw the themes I really clicked with umh.

So excessive gashes/lacerations!


I’m so unhappy with everything I’ve drawn lately…