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"The Greeks thought that homosexuality was more pure than heterosexuality, because one of the main purposes of heterosexuality is the option of reproduction. The Greeks considered heterosexuals desire for only this to be greedy, where as homosexual love is more about true love for the other person, not just the desire to reproduce. Also, because homosexual love isn’t the dominant culture. It’s different."


What is this ahistorical bullshit?

The “Greeks”, aka in this instance the wealthy Athenians, thought that women were literal vessels for creating children.They didn’t even marry Women, they usually married 13 year old girls, cause wealthy Athenians didn’t marry until they were in their 40s and didn’t marry for love, they married for reproduction and to get a head domestic servant in the bargain.Which is ironic given that OP acts like the dudes having sex with other dudes, again there was no such identity of homosexual back then, was romantic and marginalized and that so-called dominant heterosexuals were greedy and married only for reproduction, when in reality it was the wealthy dudes who both married for reproduction and had sex with other rich dudes all while degrading the Greek peasants who did marry for love and had children.

There were no such thing as hetero or homosexuals, those words were invented in the 20th century. They didn’t view sex differently depending on who they had it with because one wasn’t “dominant”. The dominant sex culture was wealthy dudes fucking each other and raping boy sex slaves and making ignorant people today think they were so high-minded and progressive for doing it. You people are literally using wealthy rapists and misogynists as ahistorical propaganda for social justice and it is disgusting and embarrassing.

You could also read the op’s logic in the misogynistic light of “fucking breeders, ammi right?”


Here is a gorgeous and lovely protagonist who deserves much more fanworks than she gets (which is very few). Come on, she’s a cutie and all this purple is pleasant to paint. ;l

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(Source: adalheiart)


Apart from dick, we also have wonderful grammar and random enemies called inappropriate names. I don’t know who in the translation team thought this was a good idea.

Boner was hard to hit, he didn’t go down easily

Budgie crafted me a Lanselot for my birthday!

Budgie keeps suggesting that imstead of hairs, Canopus has a pack of feahers here and there.

Feathery armpits must be uncomfortable.

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