She Who Shuns Duty

Art student with a passion for cats. I draw things.

The fandoms I mostly blog are Tactics Ogre, Final Fantasy (especially IX, XII and Tactics) and Bravely Default.

My sweet lovebird is Bluebudgie.





*high pitched power metal voice*


budgie you’re the reason i can’t take hashmal seriously, i always think about him in a metal band roaring into a microphone with his mane flying around.

I will

(after I finish everything due for next week but I will eventually)

If you’ll be my star
I’ll be your sky
You can hide underneath me and come out at night
When I turn jet black and you show off your light
I live to let you shine
I live to let you shine

(Source: les-nocturnes)


u ever mackin’ on ur bae and she just.

(she read too many romance novels about GASPING FOR BREATH AFTER KISSING so clearly that means ur not allowed to breathe)

English class silly doodles, I think?


I wish my hairdo could be as cool as theirs

Today’s life lesson: don’t ask Ciggma Khint for relationship advice.


Penh was eyeing up my lollipop something fierce. 

Expecting her to be repelled by it, I let her check it out.
She wiggled her antennae all over it before shoving her face right into it with the fervor of a five-year-old sugar addict. Sean managed to snap a shot of the moment! 

Apparently it’s not “bad” for her, but too much sugar can’t be very ‘good’ either! Though, I’m have a feeling that she would insist otherwise if she were capable of doing so.

nom nom nom


defaultin’ at the gym, yo

Budgie  has been using a mod to get alma in her party and it seems she deals more damage with her cleric staff than most units.


I had to try this because Cistina’s armour is flawless…Yoshida crossover, why not after all.


Probably Oz’s nightly wet dream.

How many back pick up lines could this outfit lead to, seriously?