She Who Shuns Duty

Art student with a passion for cats. I draw things.

The fandoms I mostly blog are Tactics Ogre, Final Fantasy (especially IX, XII and Tactics) and Bravely Default.

My sweet lovebird is Bluebudgie.

Today is Alma’s birthday!


Because Asami and Korra are the cutest girlfriends and I just wanted this really bad okay.

Also because I was going to Asami art trade with many lovely people but suddenly there were so many I couldn’t keep up. So hopefully you guys forgive me and take this instead.

But everyone should still check out their tumblr and Asami arts: wendys-scrapbook - starbuckviper - socks - zara

That’s it, I’m adopting him.

Vyce’s chapter 4 death quote is trying make me miserable.


hay gurl sup 26/m/lea monde wanna join my cult we’ve got dragons


I’ll be leaving to Germany in 5 days to see my girlfriend

I’m both very stressed and excited 


Sabin from Final fantasy VI for an art trade with Kichisu. My friends sure love their martial artist guys… XD

Updates here will be fewer here the coming weeks due to me going to Morocco for vacation. Please check out my Twitter for updates during the trip!

80% fanarts of Cerya are gross, I need more fanarts of Cerya that aren’t gross to counterbalance

  Anonymous said:
YAAAY A VAYNE SOLIDOR FAN *dies and goes to Archadia*